5 Local Chattanooga Restaurants Using Niedlov’s Buns

Niedlov’s is Chattanooga’s only naturally leavened bread making business; open to serve coffee, breakfast and lunch from their storefront on East Main Street, they also distribute their gourmet breads and pastries all around Chattanooga, where local restaurants with an account with Niedlov’s use them for burger buns and sandwiches. Here’s the run-down of some of our favorite ways that local eateries are using the best buns in town.

The Tremont Tavern Burger

Voted best burger in Chattanooga since 2006, Tremont Tavern’s burger features a Niedlov’s bun to make it so great. We interviewed BJ Hightower, co-creator of the Tremont Burger. “It’s all about the patty of course but it’s really the whole experience,” he said. “I would say it’s about balance with the spices and making sure that at every step you have top quality and consistency, from evenly cut onions to quality condiments that make sense together. Then of course topping it off with the fantastic Niedlovs bun. Having that local bun is crucial.”

Feed Table & Tavern

Surf through the sandwiches section of the Feed dinner menu for eight features from the Niedlov’s bakery. Feed serves a Tremont burger, sloppy joes, and a 20 hour brisket french dip– all on fresh Niedlov’s buns and baguettes.

Read through the Feed dinner menu here and visit them at 201 West Main Street.

2 Sons Kitchen and Market

2 Sons uses Niedlov’s buns for four of their signature sandwiches: their slow cooked BBQ sandwich, the Midnight in Saigon, their House Cured Ham and Smoked Pork Cuban, and their Fried Chicken sandwich.

Read through the 2 Sons menu here and visit them at 422 East ML King Blvd.

Terminal Brewhouse

A menu of tavern fare wouldn’t be complete without a great burger; the Terminal uses Niedlov’s buns for their menu of beef, bison, lamb and black bean burgers. The Terminal also uses Niedlov’s pizza dough as the base for their massive menu of red wine tomato sauce pizzas, including everything from a jumbo cut pepperoni pie to an incredible margherita to a braised short rib pizza.

Read through the Terminal menu here and visit them at 1464 Market Street.

The Honest Pint

The Honest Pint features Niedlov’s buns in their sandwich menu also; check out their B.E.L.T., Earth Star, Carved Corned Beef Sammy, and their B.S.S.D.S.L.T off their menu next time you’re over.

Read through the Honest Pint menu here and visit them at 35 Patten Parkway.

Visit Niedlov’s at 15 E. Main Street or neidlovs.com, or reach them directly at (423) 756-0303.

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