Update From the First Two Weeks

Patrons of The House,

We thank you so much for joining The House as we try to solve the age old question of ‘Where should we eat?’. We had an awesome first 2 weeks after our launch and learned a TON. We’ve been hustling and gathering customer feedback as quickly as humanly possible to deliver a better product and experience and we feel like we’re delivering on that and wanted to announce some major updates: 

  • We’ve added the daily specials & happy hours for all of our partner restaurants in an effort to always strive to show you what’s going on around town regardless of whether it’s exclusive or applies to everybody in town. You’ll still see exclusive offers to only members of The House at the top, but also regular lunch, dinner and drinks specials around town.

Some other updates:

  1. We’re now live in the Google Play store for all you Android users!

  2. We know the iOS version has been buggy. We humbly ask your forgiveness and if you’ll download the recent update in the app store for a much more pleasant experience.

  3. We’re striving to partner with all the best spots in town. Stay tuned for more restaurant additions to The House as we continue to work on bringing your favorite places in town on board.


Matt & Matt


The House

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