Live Music with Notaroo 3 & more

Sat 06/15/19 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM CDT

Sad Spaceman Presents Notaroo 3 The Mad Gear, Look What I Did, Sons of Our Fathers, Jack O'Shea, Spoken Nerd, Wuden, Anthony J

DOORS: 6:00 PM

Tix: $10-$15

The Mad Gear You are about to enter a world unlike any you've ever seen before (well, okay, unless you saw them that one other time, but go with us on this one): a world where attitude is king, the only law is a finely tuned instrument, a pair of killer shades and a decked-out jean jacket, where the beautiful, the brutal, and the brave all meet. This is The Mad Gear.

Look What I Did "Look What I Did (band) is the musical representation of chaos, and I mean that in the best way possible. Yet amongst the dissonant, genre- clashing mayhem, this band gives the listener a fresh melodic center to grasp onto. This center may be hard to find, but Look What I Did does this through musical design. Vocalist Barry Donegan says, 'We make it hard to listen to on purpose,'. Their intention is to not give you the easy route, a three and half minute song focused around basic structure and harmony. Instead their focus is on giving the listener a gut-wrenching journey that may or may not follow with a pop song hook. It’s the daring and dynamic process of struggle and reward- to which Look What I Did is great at doing! Open your ears to the alternative progressive sound of Look What I Did.” -Beau Cooper of Indie Ville TV

Sons of Our Fathers A Pentecostal Song Leader. A Rock ’n Roll Drummer. A Marine-turned-cowboy-boot salesman. These are men who raised us, inspired us, and made us. The men who gave us the stories that we sat around and told to each other from the first time we sat and talked about forming a band. Tales of sweat-drenched gospel tent revivals, of getting away with (almost) murder between sets at a gig, and of life after the Great Depression and before the Summer of Love. Stories that were told to us dozens of times growing up. Stories that a couple of us will never get to hear again. Each time one of us would tell one of these stories, we’d sit around and laugh. Or give out a low whistle at the audacity of one of these men. Sometimes, we would just sit in silence and reflect. Eventually we started to get an idea of what this band was going to be about, and what it needed to live up to… A lot of people struggle with identity. They struggle trying to figure out who they are, what they want to say, and what their place in the world is going to be. We are past that now. We know who we are. We are the Sons of Our Fathers.

Jack O'Shea Hey Guys ,

It's me Jack. I've been playing guitar since I was 9 and have been in love with making music since then. I have been involved with music in some way or another since that age. I started fronting a band in Boston in 1999 called "Fingerbomb" which was a prog/metal/rock three piece which featured really intricate and self indulgent material.

In 2003 I was asked to check out an unsigned band called "Bayside" from NYC with a friend Jim Mitchell (who would ultimately join me in Bayside for a couple of years). We all met up and started touring in May of that year. Here we are some 15 years later with a ton of released material and thousands of shows played.

I have always loved music that is a little different. As a younger person I was really into metal and hard rock, and that turned into brit pop, and that into punk, and that into jazz and prog. The music that I am releasing now as a solo artist is really a mashup of all of the things I have grown up listening to and have been playing.

I'm living in Nashville with my wife and daughter and I'm going to keep playing music until Im not allowed to anymore. (probably will ultimately be physically limited at some point with all the surgeries I have had to have on my neck and right arm).

Thanks for your support and thanks for even caring enough to be on this site and read this thing. Everyone could always be doing something different and that is not an idea that is lost on me.

Im not the best at being a website guy, and my social media skills are not super advanced. These days I find it harder to be interested while I have a family that I really enjoy spending time with. I will keep this reasonably updated and will let you know when there are shows or other fun things happening.

Look forward to meeting you all maybe sometime.

Spoken Nerd Rapper from Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Wuden Nashville’s ONLY Forest Troll Metal band, and we look kind of how we sound. An eclectic mixture of Black Metal with Shock Rock elements, that we lovingly call Forest Troll Metal. Founded as the Anti-Loa initiative to rid Nashville of the Evil Loa set loose on Nashville in 2018 at Notaroo 2, Wüden is here to rid the world of Evil spirits, play killer music, and eat bags upon bags of hamburger buns.

Anthony J Anthony J is an indie rock artist with an honest and relatable message in his music. He writes about the highs and lows of life that connect humanity.

Live Music with Notaroo 3 & more
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The sarcastic soul of Nashville's rock club, and favorite venue painted black!

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