When a new user downloads the app, we ask for permission to track their location. Only about 20% of people agree to this, so any location data we receive is only going to come from a small subset of users. As for the restaurant/bar, we've set up a 'geo-fence' around each place we work with and we can tell if a user came into your place.

- The user had to not only walk into your place, they had to open The House app and specifically see your ad on the screen and we know they walked in the door. We only count a 'user visit' if they did all three of these to weed out visits from users that walked into the geo-fence, but perhaps did not user The House to go there.

- Keep in mind, only 20% of users allow us to track their location, so to get a better estimate of the total number, you could multiply the visits by 5 to get an estimate of the impact of the entire userbase.

- Also, keep in mind, a 'visit' only accounts for the 1 person with the app. If it was a party of 4, that 1 visit is really 4 people, so a visit is really more like a table or party.