30 Restaurants offering Family Meals To Go in Chattanooga

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If you're like me, you're getting tired of cooking the same boring meals for the family while being stuck at home. Let the pros take care of that for you. Here's a list of restaurants in Chattanooga offering Family Meals, and Take & Bakes To Go.


Tupelo Honey

Choose a protein, three family size sides (Collards with Bacon, Parmesan & Rosemary Potato Cracklins, Salt & Pepper Crispy Brussels, Baked Mac & Cheese, Stone-Ground Goat Cheese Grits, All-Natural French Fries, Cup of Soup) & four buttermilk biscuits with jam for $35.

  • Honey Dusted Fried Chicken Family Meal: Four servings of our signature Honey Dusted Fried Chicken, three family-sized sides, and four biscuits with blueberry jam.
  • Sweet & Spicy Fried Chicken Family Meal: Four servings of our Sweet & Spicy Fried Chicken, three family-sized sides, and four biscuits with blueberry jam.
  • Bourbon-Peppercorn Glazed Meatloaf Family Meal: Four servings of our bourbon-peppercorn glazed meatloaf, three family-sized sides, and four biscuits with blueberry jam.
  • Farm Fresh Vegetable Plate Family Meal: Five family-sized farm fresh sides and four biscuits with blueberry jam.

Boathouse Rotisserie & Raw Bar

  • Smoked Pork (By the Pound) Mojo Dipping Sauce, BBQ Sauce $14.5
  • Smoked Brisket (By the Pound) Au Jus, Horseradish Sauce $24.5
  • Half or Whole Chicken Roasted Salsa, Margarita Sauce $7 / $12.5
  • Gingered Chicken Salad (By the Quart) Grapes, Apples, Toasted Pecans, Creamy Ginger Dressing $15
  • Catfish (6 fillets) Tartar, Cocktail w/ Fresh Grated Horseradish $22
  • Other various sides & appetizers.


  • Family Meal feeds 4 for $29.99. Choose from 30 wings, 4 cheeseburgers, 20 chicken tenders, or 4 bbq pork sandwiches. Your choice of up to four sides (fries, tortilla chips, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans), plus an order of fried pickles on us!

Mayan Kitchen

Family Meals for 4. All family meals includes one gallon of a soft drink, chips & salsa.

  • Pupusas (12) - Made to order with your choice of filling.
  • Fajita Family Meals - Steak or Chicken for $60. Mayan or Shrimp for $65.
  • Quesadilla Meal for $45 - Pick 4 quesadillas between chicken, steak, brisket, black bean, veggie, cheese, or shrimp served with rice, beans & sour cream.
  • Taco Meal for $50 - Pick up to 4 of your favorite proteins for 12 tacos: chicken, steak, brisket, pulled pork, veggies, al pastor, chipotle bbq, shrimp or fish. All accompanied by our famous Charro beans.

Mexiville (Downtown & Northshore)

Family Meals to go that serve 4-6. Chips & salsa included with all meals. Add a margarita to go!

  • Chimichangas (2 per person) for $45. Chicken or Beef with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream & queso included.
  • Taquitos (3 per person) for $45. Chicken or Beef with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream & queso included.
  • Pollo Loco for $55. Beans, Mexican corn, flour & tortillas.
  • Fajita for $55. Chicken or Steak with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream & queso included.

Bantam + Biddy

  • Family Meal ~ $52 Serves 3-5. Choice of our Whole Roast Chicken, Chicken Tenders (20 pieces) or Meatloaf (24 oz) served with a family sized organic green salad, cornbread gluten free bread upon request +$3 or biscuits +$2 upon request, choice of dressing, three family-sized sides & choice of one drink: Tea (sweet and unsweet), Arnold Palmer (sweet and unsweet) + $1.50 or Lemonade +$3 Please allow 30 minutes to prepare, no substitutions, +5% eco-friendly packaging fee.

Public House

FAMILY MEALS – feeds 3 to 4 Choose a Protein & 2 Sides (Mashed Potatoes, Creamy Grits, Garlic Green Beans, Macaroni Shells & Cheese, House Salad, Caesar Salad, Grilled Asparagus, Special Side)

  • Fried Chicken $32: sweet tea brined organic chicken, private spice blend, cut into 10 pieces per chicken (breast split)
  • Marinated & Grilled Chicken Tenders $36: marinated with Public House signature orange juice, soy sauce, garlic and onion marinade, grilled
  • Red Wine Braised Pot Roast $34: 48-hour braised beef with red wine and veal demiglace
  • Pork Tenderloin $38: grilled and served with apple chutney
  • Faroe Island Salmon $40: grilled faroe island salmon



  • Chicken Piccata for $50.95
  • White Cheddar Mac n Cheese w/ chicken for $40.95
  • STIR Chopped Salad for $28.95
  • Grilled Chicken Breasts for $30.95
  • Grilled Salmon for $60.95
  • Penne Pasta w/ Garden Veggies & Red Sauce for $25.95
  • New York Strips for $65.95
  • All menu items serve 5 and there's also various sides to choose from in addition to this.

State of Confusion

  • Wood fired chicken breasts for $24.95
  • Fried chicken tenders for $22.95
  • Confusion salad for $28.95
  • Whole Muffaletta sandwich (8 portions) for $37.95
  • Skirt Steak Chimi for $55
  • Jambalaya for $36.95
  • All menu items serve 5 and there's also various sides to choose from in addition to this.

Frothy Monkey

Family Style Meals to take home and reheat. Pre-order a day in advance by 3pm by calling 615-490-5827 or email events@frothymonkey.com with questions. Ask about adding beer, wine, or cocktails to your order.

  • Pork Barbacoa Fajitas *gf -$50 - Serves 4-6 people - Pulled pork barbacoa fajitas with sauteed onions and peppers, served with 20 corn tortillas, salsa, sour cream, cilantro and lime wedges. Made with gluten free ingredients but not in a gluten free kitchen.
  • Grilled Chicken + Quinoa $55 - Serves 4-6 people - Grilled chicken with chilled quinoa, sun dried tomatoes, olives and banana peppers. Served with a mixed green salad (with feta, almonds, cranberries and lemon garlic vinaigrette), and ciabatta bread. Chicken can be served on the side by request.
  • Lasagna $60 - Serves 4-6 people - Lasagna with basil ricotta, mozzarella and red sauce served with kale + mixed greens caesar salad (dressing, house-made croutons, and parmesan cheese on the side), and ciabatta bread.
  • Braised Beef - $60 - Serves 4-6 people - Braised beef and carrots with red potatoes and red wine gravy. Served with chilled broccoli salad with raisins + bacon, and ciabatta bread.

The Naked River Brewing Company

  • The Sampler for $45: All Meats (pulled pork, St. Louis style pork ribs, smoked turkey, smoked sausage, brisket, smoked jackfruit) and choice of 5 sides (chips, slaw, collard greens, mac n cheese, honey smoked beer beans, potato salad, side salad). Served with white bread, pickles & pickled onions and you a Half Sampler is also available for $22 with 3 meats and 3 sides.


baked pasta(served with garlic bread)

  • veal cannelloni • ricotta • porcini mushrooms – $34 (serves 4)
  • conchiglie • gulf shrimp • soffritto cremoso – $38 (serves 4)
  • rocchetti • chicken sausage • kale – $28 (serves 4)
  • lasagna • bolognese – $28 (serves 4)
  • penne • four cheese – $24 (serves 4)

entrees (served with cabbage & potatoes)

  • wood fired pork shoulder • apple relish – $38 (serves 4)
  • braised beef short rib • apricot relish – $42 (serves 4)
  • grilled chicken thighs • salsa verde – $32 (serves 4)
  • local vegetable plate • leek salsa verde • walnut romesco – $ 28 (serves 4) (red cabbage, asparagus, fennel, summer squash, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, broccolini)

other supper

  • guacamole • chips – $14 (serves 2-4)
  • grilled steak fajitas • corn tortillas • pico de gallo – $42 (serves 4)

Main Street Meats

  • The menu changes regularly but they do offer family style take home meals.

St. John's Meeting Place

  • The menu changes regularly but they do offer family style take home meals.

The Purple Daisy Picnic Cafe

FAMILY PICNICS - Limit 2 per order.

  • Picnic for Four - 1 pound of pork, 2 large sides of slaw, baked beans & buns (hashbrown casserole or potato salad s $1.50 Extra)
  • Picnic for Six - 1 1/2 pounds of pork, 2 extra large sides of slaw, baked beans & buns (hashbrown casserole or potato salad $2 extra)
  • Pound of Pork or Chicken

Cafe on The Corner

  • The menu changes regularly but they do offer family style take home meals.

Sugar's Ribs

  • Pork by the pound for $14.95
  • Sausage by the pound for $14.45
  • Brisket by the pound for $24.95
  • Whole Chicken for $12.50
  • Slab of ribs for $27.95
  • Sauces & Sides by the Pint, Quart or Gallon
  • Take'N Make Tacos for $25 - Get a setup of everything you need to Take’N make up to 10 tacos at home! Includes- Fresh House Made Tortillas, Roasted Salsa, Margarita Sauce, Cabbage, Queso Fresco Cheese, Grilled Sweet Onions, Cilantro, Radish, Okra Chips and your choice of...Spicy Pork Butt, Smoked Brisket or Rotisserie Chicken.


Food Works

  • Family Brunch Platter for 4 for $45 on Saturday & Sunday from 12pm to 4pm - Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, brunch potatoes, biscuits & gravy, & french toast.

Beast + Barrel

  • Fried Chicken dinner for 4 for $45. This comes with 6 pieces of fried breast, maple gravy, vinegar greens and our goat cheese whip potatoes. Call ahead and pre-order.

Edley's Bar-B-Que

  • Smoker Sampler - Feeds up to 4 - Choose 3 meats & 4 sides.
  • Take It Home Meals. Can feed 4 or 6. Choose 1 smoked meat and 2 sides.
  • Meats by the pound.
  • Family Take & Bakes for $25. Brisket Lasagna, BBQ Shepherd's Pie or Chicken Enchilada Casserole.

Stevarinos Italian Eatery and Pub

  • Now offering a cook it yourself meal kit for only $15 per kit, you receive: 12 oz. Ribeye Steak, Potato (for baking) & Broccoli.

Totto Sushi Bar & Grill

All of our combos will feed 4 to 5 people. Combos A, B, and C include a large order of steamed or fried rice, large helping of sauteed vegetables, 2 specialty rolls (listed below), and house salad with ginger dressing. All combos include an order of chicken nuggets and fries for the little ones as well. Want more than two rolls? Try our Sushi Special Combo! Choose FIVE of the rolls listed below. This combo includes an order of fried or steamed rice, house salad with ginger dressing, and an order of chicken nuggets with fries.

  • A. Teriyaki Chicken Combo: Tender Teriyaki chicken cooked to perfection is the star of this tempting combo. $55.95.
  • B. Hibachi Steak Combo: Juicy hibachi steak, cooked to order, is the centerpiece of this meal! $59.95.
  • C. Chicken & Steak Combo: Can't choose? Get both! This combo includes a heaping helping of tender Teriyaki chicken and juicy hibachi steak. $65.95.
  • D. Sushi Special Combo - Choose 5 Specialty Rolls. This sushi lover's delight comse with a large order of fried or steamed rice, house salad with ginger dressing, and an order of chicken nuggets and french fries. $49.95.

The Daily Ration

  • Family pancake box for $50 on Saturday & Sunday from 8am to 2pm. 8 buttermilk flapjacks, bacon, sausage or fruit, fried potatoes & grits. Feeds 4-6.

Vibrant Meals (Northshore & Southside)

  • Vibrant Meals is a Chattanooga based meal prep and food delivery service that provides healthy, ready-to-eat, meals. Each meal is hand-crafted from natural, wholesome ingredients and portion controlled to meet your specific needs and they offer Family Size portions.

Red Bank/Hixson/Hamilton Place

Amigo's (Hixson)

Family Meals - Feeds between 4-6 People. Ask our staff about adding Soft drinks and or Tea. Additional Chips and Salsa available for purchase.

  • POLLO LOCO - If you like it a little spicy this is for you! Grilled chicken and sautéed onions cooked with our spiciest salsa verde and famous Queso dip. Served with rice and beans as sides. Kick up the flavor by adding our famous JUMBO shrimp. Served with 12 Tortillas. Already Prepared in our famous Picoso Sauce. Supplied with chips and salsa
  • PICOSO - Grilled chicken served with rice with our famous Queso dip on the side. Kick up the flavor by adding our famous JUMBO shrimp. Served with 12 Tortillas. Queso on the side. Rice as your side. Beans as your side. Supplied with chips and salsa
  • FAJITA - Grilled chicken & sautéed tomatoes, onions & bell peppers. Served w/ rice & beans & supreme salads as sides. Kick up the flavor by adding our famous JUMBO shrimp. Comes w/ 12 Tortillas. Rice and Beans as your side. Supreme salad as your side. Supplied w/ chips & salsa.
  • TACOS - Twelve Corn hard shell Tacos with your choice of filling. Ground Beef, Shredded Chicken or Bean with shredded lettuce and cheese served on the side. Served with 12 hard Tortillas. Choice of filling on the side. Cheese on the side. Lettuce on the side.

New York Pizza Department

  • Need something to keep your kids busy while having fun??? New York Pizza Department is now offering pizza kits to make at home 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 $8 for 12" Cheese Pizza Kit. $10 for 12" Pepperoni Pizza Kit. *Prices include tax!

El Meson

  • 4 Person Taco Meal for $25 with beef or chicken. Includes rice, beans, chips & salsa & taco toppings.
  • 4 Person Pollo Meson for $30. Grilled chicken on top of rice covered in cheese sauce with flour or corn tortillas. Comes with chips & salsa.
  • 4 Person Fajita Meal for $40 with rice & beans.
  • 4 Person Mini Chimichanga (8) Meal for $30 with rice, beans, chips & salsa, 12 oz cheese dip.
  • 4 Person Enchilada Meal for $30. Ground beef, shredded chicken or cheese. Comes with rice, beans, chips & salsa.
  • Two Chicken Fajita Meals & 2 Kids meals for $25.


  • WHOLE ROTISSERIE CHICKEN: rotisseried and finished in our wood fired oven, salsa verde $18
  • TAKE & BAKE ENCHILADAS VERDES (SERVES 4-6): rotisserie chicken, peppers & onions, cheese, tomatillo salsa, crema $25
  • TAKE & BAKE CHICKEN POT PIE (SERVES 3-4): rotisserie chicken, spring vegetables, puff pastry $25
  • CAESAR SALAD FOR TWO: torn romaine, parmesan, anchovy dressing, croutons $12
  • WEDGE SALAD FOR TWO: iceberg, tomato, blue cheese dressing $10
  • $8 SIDES BY THE QUART: (garlic mashed potatoes, wood grilled okra, lemon-herb orzo, fried broken potato)

Molcajete Mexican Restaurant

  • Offering fajita meals for family of 4 for 49.99. It includes chicken, steak, rice, beans, guac, pico, lettuce, sour cream, queso, chips, and salsa.

Acropolis Grill

  • Family Pot Roast: slow roasted certified black angus chuck with braised carrots, onions & celery for $40. Feeds 5-6.
  • Family Herb Grilled Chicken Breast for $35. Feeds 5-6.
  • Family Chopped Steak for $40. Feeds 5-6.
  • Family Greek Lemon Chicken: sauteed boneless chicken breast in lemon caper sauce with artichoke hearts & mushrooms for $40.
  • Extra sides are $11.

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