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What is 'The House'?

‘The House’ is a ‘what’s going on tonight’ app that features what’s happening today at all the best restaurants, bars, breweries & music venues in town as far as happy hours, specials, live music, events & brunch.


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How Does it Work?

We work directly with our partners in setting up all of your happy hours, specials, events, & brunch ads within ‘The House’ app. We manage all the content and we even proactively will upload all of your Facebook events & any events you might have on your website calendar, so there’s truly no work on your end to maintain a strong presence within ‘The House’.

Why is ‘The House’ effective?

Being that all of our content is ‘what’s going on today’, we find that our app users have extremely high intent in picking a place to go, as they are using the app to make decisions in real time. We have the app user’s attention and they are in decision making mode so it’s an effective place to be seen.

A Proven Track Record

In the markets we serve, we’re getting tens of thousands of monthly searches for places to go that day. We continue to grow fast as every month is a new record in total monthly searches within the app.

We Feature A Variety Of Local Businesses

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Music Venues
  • Community Event Spaces
  • And anyone else offering unique events
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