6 Restaurants offering Groceries in Chattanooga

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Other than ordering curbside pickup or delivery from your favorite restaurant, there's another unique way you can support the local scene, by ordering your groceries. Yep, here's 6 spots that are keeping Chattanoogans stocked up while we're stuck at home.

Main Street Meats - We'll start with the obvious, your local butcher shop, which is still slinging all sorts of beef, poultry, steak, lamb, bacon, brats, ham, trout pork, cheeses & more.

Niedlov's - After Main Street Meats, head next door to Niedlov's for not only some of the best bread in town, but you can pick up eggs, milk, bagels, pastries, coffee, oranges, yogurt, tomatoes, butter, broccoli, potatoes, green beans, orange juice, Hoff Sauce & more. AND, they're now starting to deliver.

Frothy Monkey - Now serving all kinds of grocery items such as bagels, bread, milk, dry penne, cream cheese, butter, eggs, flour, & bacon among others. They're also offering Family Meals feeding 4-6, Butcher Kits & Produce Bundles.

Il Primo - Il Primo is opening up the pantry for some take home items like olive oil, butter, Chattz coffee, dry spaghetti, pints of marinara & pints of bolognese sauce and you can grab some dinner & wine to take home while you're there.

Brewhaus - Every week, they're rolling out different 'Quarantine Kits' that include many types of grocery items. This week they have a Fruit Kit made of 7 fruits for $28 and a Veggie Kit with 7 vegetables for $22. They're also doing family meals that you can take home to your squad.

Bread & Butter - This artisan bakery in Red Bank has plenty of items for the fridge & pantry like bread (obvi), lemons, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, flour, milk, butter, cheese, dry pasta, coffee beans, La Croix, juices, soft drinks, kombucha, granola, hummus, quiche, pies, cookies & pastries.

Go out & stock up at these spots. As always, you can find more information on 'The House' app or from these restaurants' individual websites or Facebook pages.

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