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Poised in the epicenter of downtown, this neighborhood provides the perfect location for local restaurants, walking to a movie, baseball game, museum or simply taking a stroll on the nearby Walnut Street Bridge to the Northshore or along the thirteen-mile Tennessee Riverwalk. The Riverfront is a jewel in the downtown ...

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Hamilton Place

Hamilton Place is an enclosed, two-story shopping mall in Chattanooga, Tennessee just off I-75. It was the largest shopping mall in the state of Tennessee from 1987 to 1998; at this time, it was superseded in size by Knoxville's West Town Mall.

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Beautifully situated on the Tennessee River just across from the landmark aquarium, Northshore is Chattanooga’s most eclectic neighborhood, offering the best in local dining, shopping and living. Here you’ll find boutiques, restaurants, coffeehouses, galleries, salons and day spas.

With over a dozen spots on The House Northshore is ...

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Red Bank/Hixson

Hixson is surrounded by communities from several different cities and suburbs. It is not a rigidly defined location. However, the area is typically defined as: North of the Rivermont area (a Chattanooga neighborhood); east of the City of Red Bank and U.S. Highway 27; south of the unincorporated area ...

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Southside, once the urban center of industry in Chattanooga, came to be known for its abandoned warehouses and old buildings during the mid-20th century. Today, revitalization has filled the neighborhood with the art, culture, cuisine and entertainment that has come to define the city. With the 50+ businesses that pepper ...

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