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Occupancy in this Birmingham ‘hood shot from 25% to 75% in just four years as more and more young people discovered its potential. As Fast Company points out, Avondale benefited from a $3 million park renovation and brand-new brewery, both of which opened in October 2011. SAW’s Soul Kitchen and grilled cheese food truck-turned-restaurant MELT helped pad out the place’s reputation, which is sure to build even higher when the Hotbox dudes’ brick-and-mortar spot, The Wooden Goat, opens its doors. Avondale Brewing Company Anchors this area with it's open feel and great beer.


Avondale Brewing Co.
Woodlawn Cycle Cafe
Saw's Soul Kitchen
41st Street Pub
Hot Diggity Dogs
The Filling Station
Post Office Pies
The Marble Ring
Fancy's on Fifth
Cahaba Brewing Company
Avondale Common House & Distillery

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